Halloween: Audrey salmon roll

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

While getting ready for bed in the bathroom one night, my sister and I stared in the mirror and realized we were wearing our matching kimono robes. We decided that little Miss Audrey needed to complete our trio by dressing up as a sushi for Halloween. I googled for ideas and decided on using this simple tutorial. I personally think our costumes turned out better simply bc of our kimonos and Audrey's little bun, but you can be the judge of that :). Here's my inspiration (too bad I can't take all the creative credit):

Here's what I did:
I already had the pillow and asked my mom's friend who had a sewing machine to create a simple pillowcase with the dollar or two worth of fabric I purchased at JoAnns (I like this muted auburn color better than the bright orange shown in the orig tutorial). I searched everywhere for just the right width and colored tape. Finally found it at Home Depot--electrical wiring tape comes in all colors (and for cheap...a huge role for about $3, of which I used only a tiny fraction)!

Taped from top to bottom, left to right to create chevrons.

Starting to look like a salmon fillet, right? Wool "seaweed" belt with both velcro and clasps attached (again, I don't sew so I had mom complete this for me :). Original tutorial said to use a wide green ribbon, but I thought black looked more realistic and that wool would be more sturdy. I'm glad I did so since Audrey tried to yank off the belt with all her might.

Ta-da! Salmon sushi roll on a bed of rice (my blanket throw I got from Marshalls)

My Audrey salmon roll is too cute to eat :). I got her a white shirt and leggings at H&M for around $10. Both items can be re-worn as normal clothes.

One salmon roll coming right up for Auntie Steph. But quick before she squirms away!

Waiting in line for the free pony ride for 30+ min sure was tiring for Audrey.

But so worth the wait. She loved every second of her ride and couldn't stop talking about it on the car ride home.


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