Playing with homemade Play Dough

Sunday, November 13, 2011

So I'm a tiny bit embarrassed to admit that I had more fun than Audrey playing with the play dough I made for her. Since my almost two tot has been getting a little stir crazy at home going through cabinets and kitchen utensils, I really wanted to find some creative outlets for her. It's not her fault that she takes out all her folded clothes or Grandma's baking supplies because I haven't given her any other options!!

I found this super easy recipe for Kool-Aid play dough from where else but Pinterest. The texture was perfect, the smells yummy and the colors vibrant. Unfortunately, Audrey showed no interest in the dough bc she didn't like the feel of it and kept telling me her hands were dirty (they were not). So when she took her nap, this mama had some fun :).

Using some duckies I had around the house (a coin bank and air freshener) for inspiration, I created a play dough friend (in Steph's room since her desk is bigger). To be honest, this is the second time I made the ducky. Audrey loved the first ducky so much and even gave it a kiss, but I didn't capture any good photos that night (i.e. Steph wasn't around to shoot for me).

Created some eyes using scissors--looks a bit scary huh?

Took them for a walk in the front yard. Again, Steph took all these shots :).

Here are the 4 colors I made. The orange dough was colored by Kool-Aid that came in a blue package (aqua fresca), so I was a bit bummed that it turned out orange bc I felt misled. I guess orange and pink Kool-Aid look more "healthy" than blue or green liquids?!  I think the only other Kool-Aid flavor I'm missing is some kind of punch that will prob yield a darker red dough. I'll have to do some color mixing to get green, blue and purple next time.

Hahah..this is reverse creation. From dough.

Steph keeps asking me, why are you posting about ducks? And my response: bc I want to share how much creativity and fun play dough (homemade or not) promotes!

This last pic might be kind of gross, but this was the first night I showed Audrey the dough. I started playing with it to encourage her to do the same. And pretty soon, I was getting carried away and asking her what figures she wanted me to make. She of course said yes to everything I suggested, hence the hand and pig (lower left corner...scary, I know). Since she was more interested in playing with her uncooked pasta, I had her stick them in the dough to make cool indentations.


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